Murtics custom hardwood floors Dallas

For high traffic areas you will want to look at a medium grade wood or higher of to stand up to the wear and tear through the years.  A natural maple wood type and others in this medium grade is often used for custom hardwood floors or bowling alleys and so is a good place to start when looking for woods that stand up to high traffic areas of your home.

Areas with higher humidity will experience a more noticeable effect on their hardwood floors as the seasons change and the high humidity causes the hardwood to slightly expand, and then to contract again when the weather turns warm and dry.  This is completely normal, however, if you don’t install the correct type of wood for your climate, over the decades, this expanding and contracting may cause slight gaps in some of the hardwood.  But with the advice of a professional flooring specialist, you can select the perfect type of flooring for your climate that will last for generations to come.